My name is Andrea Preto, and I was born to Valdagno in 1951 in Contrà Novella, where the stream Val Grossa rises, source of so many beautiful memoirs. The first one of eleven brothers, since young I discovered a great passion for the dogs and, particularly, for hunting dogs.
With "complicity" of a friend, unfortunately prematurely disappeared, in 1969 I devoted to the training of a Setter named Argon that became a good hunter of woodcocks.
Subsequently I fell in love with a girl that then became my wife. Her first gift for me was a Pointer (Ringo of the Cerchiari). So, I trained many dogs (English setter, pointer, gordon, Irish setter, Italian bloodhounds, griffon, drathaar, korthaal, kurzaar) thin to reach 1977 when mine first Epagneul Breton arrived, Major Ghiblo. It was then that it understood that the greatest friend of the hunter is the smallest pointing dog.
After so many years of experiences lived with these companions, many of these made champions, many
of these made champions, I definite to ask for the placard of Val Grossa that it was recognized me in April of 2000.
The breeding of Val Grossa is born to Montebello 12/04/2000 and it takes the name from the stream Val Grossa that it rises next to the place of birth of Preto Andrea, titular of the breeding, great amateur of the race Epagneul Breton since 1977, when in the house Preto arrived the first subject, Major Ghiblo, of good quality and of good dowries of hunting (progeny of Ch. Ass. Potṛ de Keranlouan and of Ch. Lav. Taras Boulba de la Buiette).
Then Major Sila follows (winning besides of the classical youths that it was developed to the airport in Vicenza), therefore it was the time of Major Sissi (daughter of the Ch. Lav. Maṛ du Mas de the Combe and nephew of Ch. Ass. Joky de Saint Tugen), winning of the classical youths, passed then to the friend Zulato Antonio that entrusted her to Mr. Cirillo Pietro.
Then Raff arrived (child of Ch. Lav. Stoique de the Crijade and of Major Susi, sister of Major Sissi), 3° to the classical youths given to Mr. Bellotti Mario that conducted him to the Italian and International Championship of Beauty.
There was subsequently Dans (child of Raff and Uzette): promising subject that, unfortunately he was stolen to me, when it was 2 years old and it was already in possession of numerous C.A.C. gotten in Exposure.
We arrive therefore to Emur, Ch. It. and Int. B. and Rip. (brother of Ch. Lav. Emir, children of Ch. Lav. Eur. Toṭ de Vivrais and of The amie) that he was the first Epagneul Breton to reach the title of Champion in the house Preto.
They follow therefore Ch. B. Mancalacqua Mara that, couple with Emur, will give the Ch. B. Micole and the Ch. B. Loustik (child of Emur and Jade).
In 1996, from Loustik and from Mancalacqua Mara, is born Naska (Ch. B. It. Int. and Ch. Eur. in 1998 in Genoa, C.A.C. to the World one of Milan in 2000). In the same year the is born Ch.. B. Nevez (daughter of Ch. Lav. It. and Int. Slavo Ciarly du Boisson de Choisel, of Icon). In 1997 the first French subjects arrive in the house Preto, Mike de Saint Lubin and Leda de Sous les Viviers. Mike (child of Ch. Ass. Indy de Saint Lubin and of the Ch. B. Fr. and Int. Gina de Saint Lubin) will become Ch. B. and Rip. getting the reserve CACIB to the European exposure in Genoa to alone 2 years and Leda de Sous les Viviers (born by Ch. Lav. Fench de Sous les Viviers and from Havane de Janville de the Quenouillere).
In the years that follow, other importations won't give good results (Nox de Bords de L'Isle, Orna de Bords de L'Isle, Pax de Bords de L'Isle, Opium de Hume de la Baronere, Punch de Saint Lubin), but from the couplings among Mike de Saint Lubin and Naska will be born Pino of the Valletta that will become Champion of Beauty.
In 1999 arrives Pyrol de Sous les Viviers that will become Ch. B. Int. and Rip., semifinalist in 2001 to the prize Gold Collar and CACIB to the World one of Dortmund (Germany) in 2003.
From the union between this marvelous sample and Betty (daughter of the Ch. It. Lav. Int. Ebert de Keranlouan and of Bovary), in 2001 Clery is born, young promised ENCI and winning of numerous CAC and CACIB, more times chosen better than race, expatriated to Cyprus to the 2 year-old age for hand of Mr. Paraschevaides.
In 2000, from the couplings among Mike de Saint Lubin and Nevez will be born Rusko of Val Grossa, super  winning hunter of a CAC in Exposure that to 2 yeares old age dies invested by a car and Reḿ of Val Grossa, given to the friend Melotti Dario that entrusts her to Mr. Rodolfo Pellegrinotti which gets a CAC CACIT and two of it Excellent to the tests to Zara in February 2003. In the same year, from the union among Mike de Saint Lubin and Ivette (daughter of Bleck and Timmy) is born Queens of Val Grossa, excellent huntress and typical exponent of the race.
In 2001 are born Siskas (pluri CAC in Exposure and better than race) and Samba (excellent huntress and typical sample of the Epagneul Breton), daughters of Pyrol de Sous les Viviers and Naska.
In 2002, from the couplings among the Ch. Lav. Bad de Keranlouan (child of Ebert de Keranlouan and of Caille de Kerveillant) and Tequila of the Martignone (born by the Ch. B. Int. B. Urak and from the Ch. B. Beba) is born Tujen of Val Grossa that to 18 months reaches the title of Ch. B.
In February of 2003 Rose of Val Grossa arrives (typical excellent huntress), landed with her mother to the Court of the Fallinis.
During 2003 arrive in the house Val Grossa Une and Ulisse de Sain Lubin, (children of the Ch. Ass. Nixo de Saint Lubin and of the Ch. B. Obene de Saint Lubin), Uliga de la Montagne des Hardrets (born by the Ch. Mond. Int. Lux. B. Odin de la Montagne des Hardrets and from Syrcee de Rocancourt) and Udine des Sources Claires (born by Ch. Ass. Lurky des Sources Claires and from Mady des Sources Claires).